Wholesale at NAruki crafts

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send us an email at naruki@narukistore.com and we will convert your account to a wholesale account.

Benefits of Wholesale
  • up-to 70% discounts
  • faster shipping
  • prompt support


Any goods bought under a wholesale order, are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Goods intended for return must:
    • Be declared for return within three days after delivery
    • Be in their original condition without any defects.
    • Have a valid return tracking number
  2. Order Cancellation is only valid for one hour after purchase. Orders cancelled afterwards are not refunded (They are already processed).
  3. Returned goods are refunded within three (3) days upon arrival.
  4. Change of description (Color and design) of items purchased or change of order is only valid for one day after purchase.
  5. Custom orders are not eligible for return or refund.
  6. Custom orders must be requested in advance.
  7. Order processing period is determined by number, size and description of the goods (description applies to custom orders).

3 stepper.

and we will convert your account into a wholesale account.